If you’ve ever purchased an item and found yourself fumbling to get the package open, then you know what it’s like to experience “wrap rage.” In Amazon’s attempt to continuously improve the customer experience, they developed a solution for this annoying scenario in the form of frustration-free packaging. Frustration-free packaging is designed to be easy to open while using less packaging materials. This streamlined product packaging is particularly well-suited for use in online shopping, since the packaging of the product isn’t really a factor that influences customers shopping in an online store. Customers shopping online use the product images, product descriptions, and product reviews to gather the information they need to make their final purchasing decision. This means that the design of the packaging can be focused on function — keeping the product safe during shipping and easy to open — without negatively affecting product sales. In fact, frustration-free packaging can actually increase online product sales since it is a feature some customers actively seek out. Frustration-free packaging offers numerous benefits to customers and sellers alike, all while being more friendly to the environment.

Amazon is not currently accepting submissions to their Frustration-Free Packaging Program, however we anticipate that will change at some point in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, it is a good idea to educate yourself about the benefits of the program so that if you haven’t already enrolled your products you will be ready to take advantage of this great program as soon as it opens up again.

Benefits to Customers

With better packaging design comes a better customer experience. Frustration-free packaging is designed to be easily opened without the need for a knife or box cutter, eliminating the infamous “wrap rage.” Also, while many people love the convenience of online shopping, few enjoy having their garbage and recycling bins overtaken by the excess cardboard and plastic that comes with the standard online shopping experience. Frustration-free packaging produces significantly less waste, thanks to simplified packing materials and packaging that is designed to contain the product as well as to function as a shipping box. This means that customers are left with way less packaging material to dispose of when all is said and done.

Frustration-free packaging also increases the odds that items will arrive to customers undamaged and unbroken. Amazon tests all frustration-free packaging using an industry standard ISTA-3A for single parcel shipments. This test is designed to simulate the experience of shipping and delivery of a parcel, including a series of drops and vibrations.

Benefits to Sellers

Sellers who use frustration-free packaging for their products sometimes see a boost in sales as a result, since this popular feature is one many Amazon shoppers seek out. Sellers with frustration-free packaging are also less likely to have to replace items that have broken during the shipping process, since frustration-free packaging is so well tested to protect items during shipping and handling. And because of the streamlined use of materials involved with frustration-free packaging, many sellers save money on packaging materials as a result.

All of these benefits result in not only lower operating costs for sellers, but happier customers and potentially better product reviews and seller feedback due to an improved customer experience.

Benefits to the Environment

In addition to being easy to open, frustration-free packaging uses way less packing materials, including zero wire ties, plastic bindings, or plastic clamshell casings. All of the materials in frustration-free packaging are also recyclable. So frustration-free packaging is not only better for customers and sellers, but it is better for the planet.

Frustration-Free Packaging Program Details

As mentioned earlier, Amazon is not currently accepting submissions into their Frustration-Free Packaging Program. That said, we anticipate the program will open up again soon, and when it does we will be sure to provide you with all the pertinent information. If you want to familiarize yourself with the program as it has historically existed, here are some helpful links you can visit to educate yourself:

Don’t Leave Customer Feedback on the Table

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