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The Amazon Early Reviewer program provides sellers the opportunity to earn 5 reviews at a relatively low cost. Read this guide to learn how to participate in the program.

When you receive a negative product review on Amazon, your options to have that review removed are fairly limited, but Amazon now offers a streamlined process to manage and remove negative Seller Feedback. New Feedback Manager: Seller Feedback Quick Explanation To improve your chances of Amazon removing negative seller feedback left by one of your customers, it helps to understand what Seller... [more]  
Grace came to me for some advice. She was extremely excited about her recent decision to launch a new product on Amazon. It was her first one. She’d taken her time and looked through several Amazon categories. She had done some research through Google Trends and other marketing reports. And she had finally nailed down the niche she was going to conquer - kitchen cleaners. It had a load of... [more]  
So you’ve become one of the few dreamers to actually pull the trigger on starting your Amazon business. Congratulations! If you’re at this stage of the game, you’ve probably done lots of research on a product, coordinated with your supplier, and placed your first order. This is actually happening! It’s tempting now to sit down and wipe the cyber sweat off your forehead.... [more]  
The savvy Amazon seller is always interested in optimizing their listing. There’s always the hope that one more tweak will be the key to an increase in sales volume. So we cycle through the checklist of typical optimization. Could we upgrade our listing with: Better quality images? Keyword rich title? Improved sales copy inside my bullets? More customer reviews? A pricing sweet spot? Now... [more]  
Improving the conversion rate on your product listing is crucial to maximizing your sales, but if you want to generate even more reviews from the sales you get, make sure you're emailing all of your customers and politely asking for a review. Salesbacker can help automate this process for you and it's free to try. As Amazon sellers, we put so much effort into our listing, and rightfully so. Our... [more]  

Did you just get a 1 star review? Here's how you should reply to negative reviews on Amazon


Here's how to calculate your fees on Amazon so that you can quickly determine the profitablity of your products.


In this guide we share the 4 scenarios where you can ask Amazon to remove your negative seller feedback. 


What happens if Amazon loses your inventory? Here's a real life example and how you can protect yourself.

You will need reviews for your product after you set up your product listing. After you finish reading this blog post you can start using Salesbacker for free to help get more product reviews. Click here to begin. This guide is meant to walk you through the steps of setting up your first Amazon listing. Although each product is unique and may require additional fields on Amazon, this step-by-step... [more]  
PPC advertsing can be incredibly effective at helping you get more sales, but it's very important to follow up a PPC strategy with a way to convert your buyers into reviewers and that's where Salesbacker can help. Salesbacker takes just minutes to implement one time and then you can capitalize on all of your PPC sales and have a chance at converting those buyers into reviewers. Try Salesbacker here. Ask... [more]  

Creating single use promo codes on Amazon can prevent your entire inventory from being wiped out when your discount promo code is shared. Learn how to protect your inventory.

Greg stared at his Amazon listing in confusion. He read the review a second and third time but couldn’t quite comprehend what was being said. Tim had written: “This product looked nothing like the pictures on the Amazon page. It was a different color and the length was 3 inches shorter. Very poor quality.” How could that be?! Greg had been selling the same product on Amazon for 9 months. Sales had grown steadily over the past 3 months, and customers never had an issue... [more]  
We’ve all heard that a picture’s worth a thousand words, but for those of us selling on Amazon, a picture can also be worth a thousand dollars in sales. Unfortunately, it seems that once Amazon sellers succeed in getting their listing up and running, they often give little attention to the images they first used. This is a huge mistake. You cannot overestimate the importance of images when... [more]  
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I sat dumbfounded as the car salesman (of all people) sat on the floor and carefully crafted a Lego spaceship with my kids.  And I thought, “Wow.” Literally, that’s the word that went through my mind. “Wow.” I had decided I needed a second car to make life a little easier on my growing family. So after looking online, I... [more]  
(Last Update: August 2017) Registering your brand on Amazon is a great way to prove your ownership of the products you’re selling. Once Amazon has approved your brand registry application, your product will be uniquely tied to your account and your brand will gain an added measure of protection on Amazon. Remember, brand registry is only for those sellers who are brand owners,... [more]  
So if you’re sitting in a coffee shop drowning your Amazon sorrows in a quad-shot of espresso, this post is for you. It happens to the best of us, and it’s perfectly natural. Anytime we place a large amount of effort into a project, we become attached. We want to reap what we sow. And when you work so hard, when you put in lots of time, when you give it your best shot, it’s incredibly discouraging to see little results. Your Amazon business is no different. And I know the... [more]  
Pay per click is a great way to generate more sales, but reviews can also help generate sales. If you want more product reviews try Salesbacker for free. Salesbacker lets you automatically ask your customers for a product review (and it takes less than 7 minutes to set up once and you're done). Click here. So you’ve decided it’s time to invest some money in pay-per-click advertising. Good call! Marketing to online customers has become increasingly streamlined and effective with... [more]  
So let’s say you’re trying to market your new product online. Just for kicks, let’s say your product is a nuclear warhead called Destructo Mundo. So you think to yourself, “I really want people to be exposed to my awesome nuclear warheads. I better start using social media!” So you start your own Destructo Mundo Facebook page and advertise the features of your product,... [more]  
I can remember the first time I found the sales dashboard of my Seller Central account. It took me back to the first time I saw the dashboard of a Boeing airplane. My brain curled up in a fetal position and sobbed quietly. Too many choices. Too many buttons. Too many blinking lights. I just couldn’t believe a pilot could process all of that information, and even if someone wanted to learn how to... [more]  
So you’ve decided to run an ad on Pinterest! That’s a great business move since Pinterest is one of the largest social media platforms out there. As of September 2015, 100 million people actively use Pinterest. That’s not even close to the numbers Facebook is putting up, but Pinterest growth doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. It’s an excellent source of... [more]  
Creating a product that is different from the competition is important but in order to make sure your product sells you will need customer reviews. Try Salesbacker for free so that you can automate the process of asking your customers for product reviews. Now whether you’re getting ready to launch your first Amazon product or you’re thinking about bringing on a second one, you need to... [more]  
With over 100 million active users, Pinterest is quickly becoming a powerhouse in the social media world. For that reason, a Pinterest account has become a must-have for many businesses and brands. However, it appears that many male business owners are more hesitant to participate on a majority-female social media platform. Because Pinterest’s top content involves jewelry and DIY crafts, women have... [more]  
When sales drop on Amazon it hurts and that's why it's so important to make sure you're capitalizing on all of the sales that you are getting right now by converting those customers into reviews. Salesbacker can help and it only takes a few minutes to set up one time and you're done. Try for free here. Now onto the blog post... Evan checked his Seller Central account one more time before heading to... [more]  

Running a promotion on Amazon can help you sell more products. Follow this step by step guide to learn how to create your first promotion.